Please call our main number (941) 531-2800 to schedule an appointment for ALL types of COVID-19 testing.

You can also call to schedule a group testing at your business.  Please call for discount pricing which is determined by group sizes.

  • We recommend you create an account on our patient portal prior to calling to schedule an appointment.  The portal link can be found on our homepage.
  • Drive-thru testing for symptomatic or exposed patients are performed Monday – Friday from 8:00 AM – 11:30 AM.  Surgical clearance and “return to work” testing is performed inside from 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM.
  • Walk-in urgent care patients are kept safe by being given pagers, allowing them to wait in their car until they are ready to be taken into an exam room.  Air purifiers have been placed in all exam rooms, as well as the waiting room.  All of our staff wear face masks and/or shields, gloves and they wash hands in between seeing each patient.
  • Patients can schedule either the rapid antigen testing (which uses our Sofia 2 analyzer) or a rapid PCR test. We can also collect a specimen for PCR testing and sent it off to our local lab.  The rapid antigen tests return a result in 15 minutes and the rapid PCR results are returned in 30-45 minutes. Our local lab will return PCR results in 48 hours.

ALL testing available for COVID-19 are EUA approved tests available for our level of lab complexity.  

If you read that a clinic is offering a rapid COVID-19 test that is FDA approved, they are giving you false information.  There are NO FDA approved rapid COVID-19 tests.  The only rapid tests available to use are currently only approved under the EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) by the FDA.  Once the FDA has time to study and perform hundreds of tests on the tests currently approved under the EUA, they will then be approved for use by the FDA, but this could take months or even years.  And remember, a rapid COVID-19 test  is not the same thing as a rapid COVID-19 antibody test.  If you are told that the antibody test will show whether you have active COVID-19, you have been given false information.  Yes, it might show if you have active COVID-19, but it will not pick up COVID-19 in the early stages when one might not be showing signs or symptoms.  Please contact your local health department and report the clinic who is sharing false information with you. 

We will continue to remain in compliance with the FDA and CDC guidelines and will always do the right thing for our patients.  We are here to take care of you.  

Please see below for more information on the Sofia Analyzer, as well as COVID testing.

And finally, although we recommend testing, we suggest that you are either tested by your primary care provider or by an urgent care, such as Ellenton Urgent Care, who can prescribe medications to treat your illness and continue to follow up with you until you are well. Often times, if someone is tested at a drive-thru, they run into a problem when requesting follow up care or medications.  We want you to avoid that complication!


Please see below for the most up to date information on COVID-19:   testing information, recommendations for returning to work, precautions for business owners, treatments, care.

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